Bridging loan with credit

Unexpected but much-needed expenditure can throw the budget out of balance. This may mean that your monthly budget is insufficient to make the additional payments. So that, for example, urgent repairs to cars, washing machines and other electronic devices do not have to be postponed, you can use a cheap loan from us to bridge the financial shortage quickly and easily. A bridging loan enables you to overcome a temporary liquidity shortage and supplement your finances.

Your advantages with the cheap bridging loan

  • Application in a few minutes
  • Net loan amount up to 100,000 euros
  • Design latitude at maturity and installments
  • Immediate processing and review of the application by us.
  • Fast payout

When is a bridging loan necessary?

When is a bridging loan necessary?

A bridging loan is helpful when financing problems occur in the short term. These can be solved by means of a favorable loan from us. Unpleasant reminders or a forced renouncement of an important repair or a necessary acquisition can be avoided. Quality of life and finances are thus secured and are not endangered.

If there is no bridging with a suitable loan, the credit line of the principal bank is often used in order to have a little more money at short notice. A bridging loan is the better solution compared to a credit line. A covered account often causes high interest costs. The disbursement interest can make it even more difficult, even after a short-term financing problem, to balance the account again. If the account is in negative territory for a few months, often only debt restructuring can help to avoid over-indebtedness. With our bridging loan, you can prevent this spiraling of costs and rely on a strong partner to overcome the budget gap.

If your dispo has long been exhausted or if you would like to convert another expensive loan into a favorable loan, Our bank offers you the best conditions and comprehensive advice.

It’s so easy to bridge a financial bottleneck

Our cheap instant loan offers you the opportunity to bridge financial bottlenecks with a potential net loan amount of up to € 100,000. You can apply for your loan quickly and easily online. After the application has been reviewed and approved, the agreed amount will be made available to you immediately. The flexible bridging loan adapts to your personal options and requirements in terms of repayment. So you can decide which term is agreed upon with your financing and thus have a direct influence on the amount of the monthly installments. In addition, you benefit from the permanently favorable interest rates.

We always acts responsibly

As an experienced specialist bank, we attaches great importance to responsible lending . Therefore, we as a member of the banking industry association has committed to comply with the relevant rules.

The security of your data is also a top priority for our bank. In order to protect your data, all necessary measures are taken and the guidelines for data protection and data security are always carefully observed.

Optimal advice at any time

If you need help with bridging a financial bottleneck or would like detailed advice before submitting an application, our bank consultants are at your disposal.