Financing a dream wedding with a loan

The day of marriage should become the best of his life for the bride and groom – no matter what the wedding costs. One thing is important: Celebrate the wedding that suits you. 

Professional wedding planners emphasize time and again that couples should put their own wishes and especially their own fun in the foreground – not those of the guests. A loan can help with the financing.

Wedding costs add up in record speed

Wedding costs add up in record speed

What the personal dream wedding looks like is a completely individual matter – no matter if it’s a colorful hippie party, a romantic party in the castle or a wild rocker party. However, all weddings have one thing in common: the special day usually does not come cheap.

Wedding costs are soon higher than expected – even if you celebrate far less glamorous than Prince William and his Kate, at the wedding alone, the wedding cake allegedly cost around 70,000 euros. For wedding rings up to 2,000 euros may be incurred, 800 to 1,500 euros for the bridal outfit, 500 to 1,000 for the groom. The costs of bridal hairstyling and make-up, which usually range between 200 and 400 euros, are often forgotten during planning.

Of course, the cost of the wedding will ultimately depend on the number of guests. Expect 50 to 100 euros in food per guest. And also the registry office has to be paid. Here again about 150 euros. Finally, depending on your wishes, there are still issues for photographer, DJ, location and decoration.

The very individual yes-word

If you like it unconventionally, you can treat yourself to a little extra for the wedding ceremony. For example, a flight with the hot air balloon directly after the yes-word. Or a wedding party in the stadium of the favorite club. In big cities like Berlin or Stuttgart, it is even possible to close the knot on the TV tower. Or would you simply like to drive up elegantly in a romantic wedding carriage? All these options can be realized with around 500 euros.

Relaxed planning with a wedding loan

Relaxed planning with a wedding loan

The amount of average wedding costs in Germany is difficult to determine. Many couples expect about 10,000 euros to fulfill their most important wishes. Gifts of money and the support of parents can facilitate the financing of the dream wedding. Who completes the cost calculation before the wedding, has the head on the most beautiful day of life but for more important things free. You should also avoid spasmodic compromises. If the best friend is posing as a DJ or the little sister takes on the role of the photographer, this quickly leads to disagreements. A loan can help to make the special occasion happy and relaxed when the wedding costs exceed your budget. And maybe the loan is repaid even faster than you think, when you use your money gifts right away to pay off. This will make your day together truly memorable.


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