Remediation loan – The reorganization loans

The restructuring loans of Credit Bankive

Do you need a favorable financing for the renovation of your house or apartment? The restructuring loans of our bank can help you to carry out renovation measures and conversions in a timely manner. With a reorganization loan, you can not only tackle construction work that is due, but also increase your financial flexibility and improve your monthly budget. We assists you as a reliable partner in your financing projects.

The restructuring loans of our bank

For your refurbishment project you need a loan that adapts flexibly to your requirements and needs. Whether you’re planning a major rebuild or just need a smaller amount to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck, Our bank’s reorganization loans offer you plenty of options. With a net loan amount of up to € 100,000, the cheap Dynacredit is particularly versatile and allows you to realize large and small financings. Thanks to the flexible conditions, you can design your personal restructuring loan according to your own wishes. You have a direct influence on the monthly installment by selecting your desired duration. If you only need a small amount of money, Microcredit can be a suitable reorganization loan for you. This offers you the opportunity to realize smaller refurbishment projects flexibly and at low interest rates.

When can restructuring loans

When can restructuring loans help Credit Bankive?

Damage to the house and apartment often come unexpectedly. Even a broken washing machine is enough to cause serious water damage to the floor and walls. A hole in the roof not only pushes up electricity costs, but can permanently jeopardize the entire roof structure. But not only in the event of sudden damage, construction measures make sense. An investment in a new thermal insulation or other energy-saving construction measures pays off in the long term. However, urgently needed remedial measures can not always be financed immediately from the monthly budget or the savings. So that you do not have to do without your project, the restructuring loans of We offer you flexible financing options. Or have you already taken out a loan that does not meet your needs? With the reorganization loan of our bank, you can reschedule and easily repay unfavorable loans. Calculate your budget requirements and apply for your preferred loan online.

Application for the restructuring loan

You can apply for your reorganization loan in just a few steps online. Just enter your required net loan amount into the online loan calculator, select your desired time with the appropriate monthly installments and you can apply for your credit with us.

  • After the credit calculation, you will be taken to the online form in which you enter the information required for a credit application . In the first step, you confirm that you meet the basic requirements for the loan approval. In the next step, you give some information about your current financial situation and complete the online application.
  • Subsequently, your personal loan documents will be provided for your reorganization loan. The documents are available online in PDF format as well as by mail from us. Check the information provided, sign the documents and send them back to us.
    As a new customer, you will be required to submit your credit documents once as part of the free Postident procedure in a post office. This legitimacy check is required by law and is a precondition for lending, as it ensures that our bank you actually apply for the loan.
  • If your legitimated loan documents are available at us, your money will be transferred to you immediately after verification of your details and, if your credit rating permits, and you will be able to start your restructuring project.

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